WILLIAMS, William Belknap

Name Variants for William Belknap WILLIAMS

• William B. Williams
• Bill
• Billie

Vitals for William Belknap WILLIAMS

Birth: 30 NOV 1939 – Johnson City, Broome, New York, USA
Baptism: 1940 – First Methodist Episcopal Church, Greene, Chenango, New York, USA
Marriage: 15 SEP 1961 – Greene, Chenango, New York, USA
Death: 21 AUG 2015 – Greene, Chenango, New York, USA
Burial: 29 AUG 2015 – Sylvan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, Chenango, New York, USA

Parents of William Belknap WILLIAMS

Father: William P. WILLIAMS
Mother: Mildred Mae BELKNAP

Marriage of William Belknap WILLIAMS

Spouse: Esther E. WEIR
• Roxanne
• Jeffrey
Christopher John WILLIAMS
• Matthew

Census Appearances of William Belknap WILLIAMS

1940 US Census

Notes of Interest for William Belknap WILLIAMS

• Family lived in the Octagon House in Greene when he was a toddler
• Spent four months living and attending school in Wales in 1950-51
• Was graduated from Greene Central High School in 1957
• Was a life-long member of First United Methodist Church in Greene
• Was an active member of the Greene Lions Club and was King Lion in 1995-1996
• Was a respected burner technician in the Greene area for over 40 years
• From a young age he loved working on automobiles and restored well over a dozen Volkswagen Beetles over the years (both for himself and others)
• Developed a love of model railroading in retirement and was instrumental in forming the Greene Model Railroad Club