Since beginning to the journey to research my genealogy in earnest in the autumn of 2015, I have relied upon various forms in a binder and random pieces of paper to keep track of all the surnames that I encounter. My hope is that this list of surnames will prove keep things more organized and therefore useful.

I have divided the surnames into four major categories:
Paternal-Paternal—paternal grandfather, William P. WILLIAMS
Paternal-Maternal—paternal grandmother, Mildred Mae BELKNAP)
Maternal-Paternal—maternal grandfather, Howard Aldamire WEIR
Maternal-Maternal—maternal grandmother, Myrtie Lavinea SALISBURY

(Coincidentally, this is also how I have subdivided my research binder.)

Paternal-Paternal Surnames (Williams)

With a few exceptions (most notably my grandfather, William P. Williams, who emigrated to North America in 1921,) the majority of individuals who comprise this branch of the family tree can be located in North Wales, in particular on Ynys Môn/Isle of Anglesey. Unfortunately this was also the branch that I knew the least about until I finally step foot in the Anglesey Archives in December 2015.

  • Williams—besides the obvious inclusion of this surname on this list, I’ve discovered that both of my paternal second-great grandmothers’ maiden names were also Williams–meaning there are three unique Williams lines on this branch of the tree alone!
  • Jones
  • Prichard
  • Roberts

Paternal-Maternal Surnames (Belknap)

I think I may have inherited my love of history from Belknap branch of my family tree. A few ancestors and distant relatives have been able to trace a few sub-branches back over 500 years! If the research is to be believed, it appears that through this line I have a large number of ancestors who landed in New England a few generations before the American Revolutionary War and whose progeny took up arms during said war (including several women.) As if this wasn’t fascinating enough, it also appears that I can count amongst my ancestors a Sheriff of Kent (England) in the 1400s and a French Baron who arrived in England shortly after the Norman Invasion of 1066.

  • Belknap
  • Anderson
  • Belcher
  • Hine
  • Johnson
  • McClure/MacClure
  • Williams

Maternal-Paternal Surnames (Weir)

General thoughts on the Weir branch coming soon.

  • Weir—aka Wire aka Wiers aka Wyers aka…
  • Emerson
  • Finlayson
  • Reed

Maternal-Maternal Surnames (Salisbury)

General thoughts on the Salisbury branch coming soon.

  • Salisbury—aka Salsburg aka Van Salsburg
  • Colyer/Collar
  • Slingerland
  • Whitford