Williams & Weir: A Family History

Esther and Bill Williams on their wedding day, 15 SEP 1961. Greene, New York, USA.

On Friday, 15 September 1961, this young couple united in marriage in a candlelit, double-ring ceremony at The First Methodist Episcopal Church in Greene, New York (USA.) Over the next two decades, William Belknap WILLIAMS and Esther E. WEIR, would go on to have four children—including myself, Matthew J. Williams.


I've always enjoyed learning about my ancestry, but after my dad’s passing in August 2015, I developed an even greater urge to research my roots. As I have made more and more discoveries, I've explored various options to share these findings freely with family and friends (and to keep the information easily at my disposal wherever it is in the world that my research may lead me!) And so, on this 55th anniversary of my parents’ wedding, I’m officially launching Williams and Weir: A Family History.

For now, my main focus of this site will be to curate a page for each individual in my family tree and to keep a general list of surnames.