WILLIAMS, John Henry “Jack”

Vitals for John Henry WILLIAMS

Birth: 19 MAR 1910Llanfihangel Esgeifiog (Gaerwen), Ynys Môn/Anglesey, Cymru/Wales, UK
Baptism: unknown*
Marriage: 4th Quarter of 1941—Ynys Môn/Anglesey [Anglesey East 11b 1369]
Death: 29 OCT 1960—Vron Bakery, Gaerwen, Ynys Môn/Anglesey
 2 MAR 1961—£ to Alice Pierce Williams, widow
Burial: 1960—Mynwent y Capel Disgwylfa MC/Disgwylfa Methodist Chapel, Gaerwen, Ynys Môn, Cymru (Isle of Anglesey, Wales), UK*

*Denotes a fact needing verification. 

Name Variations for John Henry WILLIAMS

• Jack

Parents of John Henry WILLIAMS

Father: William WILLIAMS
Mother: Margaret JONES

Marriage of John Henry WILLIAMS

Spouse: Alice Pierce WILLIAMS {Williams} (1910-1994)
• Rita WILLIAMS {Hannah} (1949-2006)

Census Appearances of John Henry WILLIAMS

1911 UK Census—4 Hiral Street, Gaerwen | Age: 1 | Birthplace: Llanfihangel Esgeifiog
1939 UK Registry—Kremlyn, Gaerwen | Occupation: Master Baker

Notes of Interest for John Henry WILLIAMS

• Spoke both Welsh and English
• Was a master baker
• Will gladly share his recipe for Bara Brith upon request

Topics of Research for John Henry WILLIAMS

• Re-verify birth record
Locate baptism record
• Verify marriage records
• Locate death certificate

Relationship to Matthew

Paternal Grand Uncle

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