WEIR, Howard A.

Vitals for Howard A. Weir

Birth: 3 JAN 1901—Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, USA
Baptism: date and location unknown
Marriage: 4 DEC 1928—Preston, Chenango, New York, USA
Death: 19 JUL 1990—Wilson Hospital*, Johnson City, Broome, New York, USA
Burial: *JUL 1990—Sunset Hill Cemetery, Guilford, Chenango, New York, USA

*Denotes a fact needing verification. 

Name Variations for Howard A. Weir

• Howard Aldamire Weir (he detested his middle name and only used the initial)

Parents of Howard A. Weir

Father: Isaac "Ike" Newton WEIR
Mother: Leona Ruth EMERSON

Siblings of Howard A. Weir

Margaret S. WEIR {Wade}
Bernice "Ben" Emma WEIR
Ida WEIR {Winsor}
Leona Ruth WEIR {Lasswell}
Hazel I WEIR
James Patrick WEIR

Marriage of Howard A. Weir

Spouse: Myrtie Lavinea SALISBURY
• Robert
• Frank
• Ann
• Esther
• Joan

Census Appearances of Howard A. Weir

1905 Minnesota State Census—Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota | Age: 4 
1910 US Census—Orono, Hennepin, Minnesota | Age: 9
1920 US Census—22 Main Street, Milltown, Polk, Wisconsin | Age: 18
1925 New York State Census—Gospel Hill, Guilford, Chenango, New York | Age: 24 | Occupation: School Teacher
1930 US Census—249 Algerine Street, Afton, Chenango, New York | Age: 29 | Occupation: Manager, Grand Union Store
1940 US Census—Ithaca, Tompkins, New York | Age: 39 | Occupation: Mill Worker, Door Mill

Notes of Interest for Howard A. Weir

  • Was a member of First United Methodist Church of Greene
    Had been active in other churches where he had lived having been sunday school teacher and superintendent, church board member, and choir member
    Was a scout master in Afton, New York for years
    Treasurer of the Brisben Fire Department for 20 years
    Member of the Greene Central School Board of Education for 15 years
    Member of the Greene PTA for 27 years
    Retired from the Page Seed Company, Greene

Topics of Research for Howard A. Weir

• Locate birth certificate
• Locate baptismal record
• Locate death certificate

Relationship to Matthew

Maternal Grandfather

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