SALISBURY, Myrtie Lavinea

Vitals for Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

Birth: 6 APR 1906—Windsor, Broome, New York, USA
Baptism: date and location unknown
Marriage: 4 DEC 1928—Preston, Chenango, New York, USA
Death: 6 MAR 1997—River Mede Manor Nursing Home, Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA
Burial: Spring 1997*—Sunset Hill Cemetery, Guilford, Chenango, New York, USA

*Denotes a fact needing verification. 

Name Variations for Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

• Myrtie Weir
• Transcribed in some records as: Mertie and Murtie


Parents of Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

Father: Harry Elijah SALISBURY
Mother: Elizabeth Ruth COLYER

Siblings of Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

Ruth M SALISBURY {Vickers}
Marion SALISBURY {Benedict}

Marriage of Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

Spouse: Howard A. WEIR
• Robert
• Frank Howard WEIR
• Ann
• Esther
• Joan

Census Appearances of Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

1905 New York State Census—Lester Road, Windsor, Broome, New York | Age: 2 months
1910 US Census—Windsor, Broome, New York | Age: 5
1915 New York State Census—Preston, Chenango, New York | Age: 10
1920 US Census*—Preston, Chenango, New York | Age: 14 | *Special Note: Does not appear directly in this census, but a mysterious male "Weston" of the same age (but different sex) does appear in the Salisbury family listing.
1925 New York State Census—Preston, Chenango, New York | Age: 20 | Occupation: School
1930 US Census—249 Algerine Street, Afton, Chenango, New York | Age: 24| Occupation: Clerk, Grand Union Store
1940 US Census—Ithaca, Tompkins, New York | Age: 34 

Notes of Interest for Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

  • Was a member of First United Methodist Church of Greene
  • Had been active in many churches, including the Brisben Baptist Church
  • Graduated from Norwich High School
  • Attended Ridley Lowell Business School and Teacher Training School
  • Taught District School until she married Howard WEIR

Topics of Research for Myrtie Lavinea Salisbury

• Locate birth certificate
• Locate baptismal record
• Locate marriage certificate
• Locate death certificate

Relationship to Matthew

Maternal Grandmother

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